Farmer's Market Quality, Delivered.

We deliver high-quality, harvested to order ingredients from local and sustainable farms to your kitchen. Select from over 200 products ranging from heritage breed pork and free roaming chicken to seasonal produce, each complete with farm source information.

We deliver five days a week, Tuesdays through Saturdays!


How it works

 You Order

Easily order online from small to medium sized farms

Farmers Harvest

Farmers harvest your products from their fields the day before we deliver

We Deliver

98% of items arrive accurate, on-time, and with beautiful quality


Restaurants we work with

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The Local Bushel Standard

We hold our products to the highest standards of food quality, from planted seed to first bite. Local Bushel produce is harvested out of the field only after you have placed your order, arriving as fresh as from the farmer’s market. Our harvest-to-order model also reduces waste and cost, allowing the farmer to earn more for their crops.

Many of the farms we partner with today have been in production for generations, passing down years of knowledge on how to care for the land. We also love working with new farmers who have built up experience through apprenticeships and farm manager positions before striking out on their own entrepreneurial venture, driven by their vision for sustainable agriculture and their passion for planting unique varieties and trying new techniques. At Local Bushel, we work to strengthen the local food network by partnering with small and medium-sized farms within a 250 mile radius of our customer. With fewer animals and smaller fields to manage, our farmers are able to dedicate the utmost care to creating high-quality ingredients with minimal environmental impact.
All of our farm partners use sustainable growing practices including water conservation techniques, crop rotation, and pesticide and herbicide reduction programs. Our animals are always treated humanely, live cage-free, and are never given antibiotics or hormones. Every farm we work with is one that we are proud to show our customers. In fact, every spring and fall, we bring our chefs on farm field trips so they can meet our farmers, learn about unique growing practices, and personally harvest a few crops for their kitchens. Every Local Bushel product has been taste-tested by us, and we curate products to match the freshness and flavor of the best of the farmer's market.