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We deliver high-quality, harvested to order ingredients from local and sustainable farms to your business. Select from over 200 products ranging from heritage breed pork and free roaming chicken to seasonal produce, each complete with farm source information.


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Produce -- Vegetables
Beets Gold - 25 lb pack
Cauliflower - Individual Head
Celery Root - 20 lb pack
Berkshire Ground Pork - 5 lb Pack
Berkshire Ham Whole Fresh - 18 lb Whole
Berkshirt Hocks - 3 lb Pack
Berkshirt Hocks - 3 lb Pack
Berkshirt Loin - 22 lb Piece
Berkshirt Organic Ground Pork - 5 lb pack
Berkshirt Hocks - 3 lb Pack

How it works

 You Order

Easily order from an aggregation of products across high-quality, local farms

Farmers Harvest

Farmers harvest directly to ship the freshest food possible

We Deliver

You can count on us for quick, reliable delivery and great customer service


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