For Farmers

We source within 250 miles of the New York City region. We always provide 100% sourcing transparency, so chefs know where your products are coming from and can share their story with customers.

Below are the base standards that all of our farms meet. Many farms go significantly above these, and their specific practices are detailed in our product list. 

Farmer principles for produce

  • We grow fruits and vegetables without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizer whenever possible. We use sustainable agricultural practices such as composting, crop rotation and diversification, and have water conservation measures in place such as biodegradable plastic covers on row crops and drip irrigation. We are part of a state-wide integrated pest management program.

  • We harvest fruit and vegetables only when they are on the verge of peak ripeness. When products are delivered, they have just reached their full flavor potential.

Farmer principles for protein

  • Animals are raised out of confinement, either in deeply bedded pens or out on pasture. 

  • We raise our animals without the use of hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, rBGH, or feed that contains animal byproducts.

  • We process meat in small batches so that what you provide is always fresh. 

  • We butcher and process animals in a USDA approved facility.