Happy September from Local Bushel!

September just may be the greatest month to be a farmer! 

It is a time when months and months of hard work and planning culminate in some of the largest— and most delicious— harvests of the season.

September is also a month fraught with the challenges of keeping up with the harvest, but tempered with the reward of cooler days and the promise of winter. For farmers, it is also a month of sowing cover crop to protect fields and bailing silage to feed livestock.

For us at Local Bushel, it's a month of transition. September is usually the month when we savor the taste of our last tomato sandwich and wipe the juice of a fresh peach off our chins one last time before we start to crave the earthy flavors of winter squash and fall vegetables.

We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer and we look forward to kicking off the fall season with the last tastes of summer and the first hints of autumn!

Locally yours,
Local Bushel