Happy October from Local Bushel!

So long sweet summer!

It's old farmer wisdom that one should never curse the rain. However, this late summer season may have a lot of growers rethinking that!

Over the last several weeks and months, growers have found their fields pounded relentlessly with heavy rains. And while rain is a necessary ingredient for farmers of cows and carrots alike, too much rain quickly becomes as much of a problem as not enough of it. With excess rain, many of the most popular summer vegetables, like tomatoes and squash, can become more prone to disease. We've witnessed tomato season begin to slow for field growers much earlier than is usually the case in our region.

The good news is: our farmers are prepared to provide you with the most wonderful products fall has to offer! We know you'll love the full array of roots, fruits and shoots available on our platform. From Butternut to Delicata to Red Kuri, we have a wide array of winter squash available for your roasting pleasure. If you're looking to savor the fruits of fall, we have a collection of apples and pears available right now as well.

We hope you enjoy the changing seasons as much as you enjoy all the delicious food that comes with it!

From us at Local Bushel, we're wishing you a happy Fall!

Locally yours,
Local Bushel