Announcement: Local Bushel has joined Canopy Holdings

We're very happy to share that Local Bushel has been acquired by Canopy Holdings, the parent company of Hudson Valley Harvest, Trusted Harvest, and Field Goods. We are extremely proud of what we've accomplished as an independent company in the last four years, and want to say thank you for your sincere support of our farms and our mission. In this next stage, we plan to join forces with Hudson Valley Harvest to offer our customers a wider variety of products and to create a more scalable operations team. Through this partnership, both our companies will be able to accelerate our mission of making local food more accessible. We feel very lucky to have had the chance to make a significant positive impact in a short amount of time, and look forward to this next chapter of growth. 


Thanksgiving 2018 – Delivery Schedule

Please find below our delivery schedule! 

  • Monday, November 19th:  Turkey deliveries only

  • Tuesday, November 20th: All deliveries as usual

  • Wednesday, November 21st: All deliveries as usual 

  • Thursday, November 22nd:  No deliveries 

  • Friday November 23rd: No deliveries

  • Saturday, November 24th: All deliveries as usual 

    Sfoglini Pasta schedule:

  • Sunday, November 18th @ 11PM:  Pasta ordering deadline 

  • Wednesday, November 21st: Pasta delivery day 


Happy November from Local Bushel!

With peak leaf season behind us, daylight savings over and winter fast approaching, it's prime time to find color and warmth in the kitchen! And here at Local Bushel, Thanksgiving is far and away our favorite holiday. It's the one day of the year when we have a chance to bring together family and friends to have a day centered around eating incredible food. Just as long as Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Mike don't argue politics, we're positive our November offerings will steal the show at your holiday table this November.

From turkey to turnips, Local Bushel has your holiday menus covered with the best flavors our region has to offer. So, let's all raise a glass (cranberry shrubs, anyone?) and toast to the holiday season!

Locally yours,
Local Bushel


Happy October from Local Bushel!

So long sweet summer!

It's old farmer wisdom that one should never curse the rain. However, this late summer season may have a lot of growers rethinking that!

Over the last several weeks and months, growers have found their fields pounded relentlessly with heavy rains. And while rain is a necessary ingredient for farmers of cows and carrots alike, too much rain quickly becomes as much of a problem as not enough of it. With excess rain, many of the most popular summer vegetables, like tomatoes and squash, can become more prone to disease. We've witnessed tomato season begin to slow for field growers much earlier than is usually the case in our region.

The good news is: our farmers are prepared to provide you with the most wonderful products fall has to offer! We know you'll love the full array of roots, fruits and shoots available on our platform. From Butternut to Delicata to Red Kuri, we have a wide array of winter squash available for your roasting pleasure. If you're looking to savor the fruits of fall, we have a collection of apples and pears available right now as well.

We hope you enjoy the changing seasons as much as you enjoy all the delicious food that comes with it!

From us at Local Bushel, we're wishing you a happy Fall!

Locally yours,
Local Bushel


Happy September from Local Bushel!

September just may be the greatest month to be a farmer! 

It is a time when months and months of hard work and planning culminate in some of the largest— and most delicious— harvests of the season.

September is also a month fraught with the challenges of keeping up with the harvest, but tempered with the reward of cooler days and the promise of winter. For farmers, it is also a month of sowing cover crop to protect fields and bailing silage to feed livestock.

For us at Local Bushel, it's a month of transition. September is usually the month when we savor the taste of our last tomato sandwich and wipe the juice of a fresh peach off our chins one last time before we start to crave the earthy flavors of winter squash and fall vegetables.

We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer and we look forward to kicking off the fall season with the last tastes of summer and the first hints of autumn!

Locally yours,
Local Bushel


Happy August from Local Bushel!

Welcome to the dog days of summer!

August is the month when our favorite summer fruits start to burst with all the best flavors of the season. Tomatoes and sweet peppers are ripening on the vine, as the warm summer nights allow for our growers’ fruit sets to mature well. It’s looking like this year should bring a real bumper crop of nightshades!

August is also a big month for planting fall vegetables. It’s hard to think about in this kind of heat, but our farmers are hard at work getting crops like kale, cabbage and broccoli in the ground for autumn harvest. These young transplants have absolutely loved this last week of rain!

We hope you are all enjoying the summer and we can’t wait to have you taste all of our favorite flavors of the year. Field ripened, freshly harvested and delivered straight to your kitchen!

Locally yours,
Local Bushel


Summer Farm Trips!

Mark your calendars for our upcoming Chef Meets Farmer trips!

Both farm trips will include:
• Visits to two farms to see in-season produce in the field and animals at pasture
• Farmer-led session on farming practices
• Visit to a local farm stand
• Delicious farm fresh lunch
• Transportation to and from NYC

Space is limited, so RSVP below to save your spot!
The cost is $20/person. 

Chef Meets Farmer: August
Monday, August 6th

Chef Meets Farmer: July
Tuesday, July 31st

Happy July from Local Bushel!

As many of you know, spring in the tri-state area was one of the wettest on record. While excess rain is usually welcomed by livestock farmers who love to see their grass grow, our vegetable growers had a tough row to hoe getting into some of their fields.

But not to worry, summer is finally here! Extended streaks of warm, sunny days have given an excellent start to the squash season. Make sure you try all of our different offerings on this product.

Warm weather also means tomatoes, eggplant and other "nightshade" vegetables are right around the corner. Expect these "sweethearts" of summer to be on our platform soon.

As always, we are excited to be working with all of you to grow the market for local produce. Happy summer and happy eating!

Locally yours,
Local Bushel