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Our Mission

We know you're passionate about good food. We are too. We are here to empower farms and make it easy for you to invest in food you believe in.

1. Fostering community

Local Bushel is a community of individuals dedicated to increasing our consumption of responsibly raised food. Everybody eats, and what we eat shapes not only our own bodies, but the nature of our food supply. We can make a decision to buy our food from local farmers that are stewards of the land they live and work on. 

2. Being Sustainable and Responsible

We are choosing a highly productive food system that produces less pollution, uses less fossil fuel, and is more humane in its treatment of animals than the dominant food system today. 

3. Providing High Quality, Fresh Ingredients

Local Bushel exists to make good food accessible, both more convenient and affordable. We use technology to drive efficiency in logistics and sales, and we form long-term partnerships with passionate and knowledgable farmers that grow nutritious, flavorful, and healthy ingredients. 

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